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More about the product

Prevent Injuries & Block Toxic Exposure to Your Eyes!

There are over 2.4 million eye injuries in America every year! Over 800,000 of these happen on the job, while the rest happen around the house, and while enjoying the outdoors. Sudden, unexpected impacts and collisions from working in confined spaces such as under a vehicle can damage your sight in mere moments! Tools breaking under load in the garage can send metal splinters flying at your eyes! A momentary lapse while Spraying household chemicals like pesticides and cleaners can leave a person with permanent scarring of their corneas. A fun day skiing the slopes can quickly turn sour when a hidden rock causes you to fall on your face! Your eyes are also gateways to your blood stream and the rest of the body. This leaves you vulnerable to infection by bacteria and viruses lodged in debris that gets in your eyes. You need strong impact & debris protection that provides crystal clear vision with zero defects!


What makes EyeProtect19 superior to all our all our competitors?

Eyeprotect19 is distinctly different from every other eye protection device on the market, and easily outperform other safety glasses, goggles, and face shields.

EyeProtect19 safety glasses are raising the standard for optics in eye protection. EyeProtect19 devices are Digitally Mastered, professional grade optical lenses that are free from inclusions, aberrations, pits, marks, bubbles, warpages, cloudiness, fogginess, stains, and scratches. Each device has a clear lens with black temples and is One-Size. It can be comfortably worn with or without prescription glasses as it fits over most Rx glasses. EyeProtect19 is the 100% made in the USA choice to get all the eye protection you need, with the optical quality you deserve, for the most demanding details in sight.

Cheap, overseas made eye protection devices have dominated the American market for over 40 years. These companies compromised quality and optical standards in order to mass produce inferior products at prices that American companies cannot match. Most safety glasses, goggles, and face shields are at least impact resistant but they have all been mass produced with cheap to make windowpane optics that are loaded with flaws, bubbles, distortions, discolorations, haze, cloudiness, stains and aberrations. Remember, the less you pay for your eye protection devices, the more optical flaws and imperfections will be visibly seen in your product. That is a fact!


An American Solution

The process of producing professional grade optical lenses would normally require days or weeks. These can now be made within minutes through a special proprietary method of exact replication that we at Zurich International calls Digitally Mastered Optics. For the first time ever, professional grade optics can be mass produced, creating a product that is both affordable and offers the highest quality in both protection and visual acuity. Custom made eyewear with perfected optics are currently available starting at $80 and up per pair in the USA. However, they still cannot be mass produced within seconds. Rush orders take two to three weeks per each pair, and larger orders takes ages to complete. It is also very expensive! Our price is far lower than the starting price of $80 and up per pair from our famous name competitors while providing crystal clear vision that no cheap eye protection device can ever come close to matching!

Our covid-19 inspired clear polycarbonate EyeProtect19 is also designed to be autoclavable. This model is built to withstand using heat sterilization to kill bacteria and viruses so that it can be continuously reused by those with frequent exposure to dangerous environments. EyeProtect19 is eco-friendly, made with materials that can be re-melted and recycled repeatedly. They do not clutter up landfills or add to waste storage problems.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • Digitally Mastered Professional Grade Optics with no imperfections!
  • 180+ degree wrap around providing excellent, peripheral vision
  • Lens Dimensions: Width 63/8in Height 21/2in, Temple Length: 51/4in, Weight: 13/4oz
  • Can be worn comfortably with or without prescription glasses
  • Protects eyeglasses or contacts worn underneath safety glasses
  • Repels debris impacts & sudden bursts of airborne particles like dirt, sand, sawdust, embers, and chemical sprays
  • Over-tested to exceed ANSI Z87.1 Drop Ball Impact test requirements
  • Flexible temples can be gently adjusted to accommodate most head contours
  • Comfortable and lightweight at less than 2 ounces
  • EyeProtect19 is break resistant and shatterproof
  • Lens can be autoclaved and reused repeatedly
  • Can be worn with the supplied temples, or adapted for an elastic band around the head for secure fit
  • No metal hinges or screws to rust or corrode over time
  • EyeProtect19 is a fully recyclable device

EyeProtect19 is the perfect eye protection solution for a wide range of trades and uses.

Occupational Trades

EyeProtect19 is perfect for the building, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing trades (lathes, mills, tool and dies, cutting, grinding) machinery including heavy equipment operators, and various support mechanics. Road and Highway construction workers also need the protection we provide.

Rural Trades

Ranchers, farmers, arborists, workers, and laborers need to shield their eyes from intrusive airborne debris much of the time. There are many circumstances that put their eyes in peril daily. 


EyeProtect19 is a must have for many outdoor sports enthusiasts. bicyclists, motorcyclists, race car drivers, paragliding, hang gliding, ultra-light aircraft, skiing, snowboarding, and Radio Control Model Airplane flying have serious needs for eye protection when engaged in their respective activities. Eyeprotect19 devises are essential for Skeet Shooting, Hunting, and firearm use of all types.


EyeProtect19 is excellent for Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, O.R. assistant workers and technicians as well as Dentists, Dental assistants, and other Dental/Oral Specialties.

Veterinarians, Scientists, Technicians, and lab workers have eye protection concerns as do other professionals.

** Anyone needing pinpoint accuracy while performing meticulous procedures will appreciate the benefit of crystal clear vision without interfering imperfections giving unsurpassed world class eye protection.

Law enforcement

Eyeprotect19 is imperative for enforcement authorities such as Police, Prison Guards, Deputies, Military, National Guardsmen, Firefighters, and Forest rangers. Eyeprotect19 will resist breakage and can save the eyes from severe damage when rocks, bottles, wood, metal, and other harmful objects are hurled airborne towards the wearer.


Meet the Owner

My Name is Bruce Holden. I am the founder of Zurich International, and I come from a family of opticians. My five brothers and I all worked together in the same optical business in the mid 1970’s. I completed my professional education in Modesto California where I trained in all aspects of optical dispensing. Over time, I have owned several optical practices and developed several optical specialties, including some new Optical technologies

We at Zurich International created EyeProtect19 to be the perfect eye protection solution that has all the pristine optical clarity of Zurich International’s line of high-end sunglasses successfully sold for over 36 years.

If the supply disruptions of overseas manufacturing over the last couple of years has been any indication, it important for enterprising American small businesses to have the option of utilizing high quality, affordable, 100% Made In U.S.A. eye protection solutions like EyeProtect19 to limit American dependence on globalized economics.

Package Includes           

Each EyeProtect19 package includes one EyeProtect19 device and a product information trifold brochure.

Made in California, USA

Product Dimensions: 6.375" x 2.5" x 5.25"


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