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Original XG Fitover Rainbow Teal Mirror on Medium Gray Lens

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More about the product


The eye relief you need is finally here!
Near miss? Unseen Hidden hazards? Overwhelming sun and glare can make you feel unsafe, and insecure? Sun Heliophobia is very real for many.
Zurich International’s Extreme Glare “XG” Sunglasses provide revolutionary anti-glare technology that eliminates or reduces more blinding, eye damaging, cancer causing rays from the sun or bright lights than any other sunglass technology in the world today (including polarized lenses).         
XG Sunglasses are perfect for sensitive eyes, or professional occupations requiring regular exposure to direct sunlight. Minimize the seemingly insurmountable, brilliant       and harsh rays that interfere with your vision. Increase your safety by reducing star-patterned glare that obscures, cloaks, or masks unseen perils. *
Polarization conflicts with digital screens making it almost impossible to read electronic instruments, and avionics. Above, please see two Bendix/King 150 Aircraft GPS Displays. The photo on the left shows the view of the display screen through a polarized lens, while the photo on the right is seen through a XG lens. The XG Technology allows easy reading of all digital screens and instruments with no interference whatsoever. Digital Technology has antiquated Polarization. As any airline pilot can attest, polarized lenses cannot be used for safe, or proper viewing of electronic instruments (Avionics)

Warning! Digital Masking can be Hazardous!
There are billions of digital screens utilized worldwide each day, from phones, computers, iPads, and GPS units, to heads up displays in new cars and other electronic instruments. These screens display valuable information but are primarily designed for use indoors with indirect lighting. When used outdoors, there are two additional challenges to the user/reader.
First, the glare from the sun overpowers the meager backlighting of the digital screen making the information almost unreadable against the competing glare of the bright sunlight. (Stars cannot be seen when the sun dominates the sky)
Secondly, polarized lenses, which are worn by 99% of the public, conflict with digital screens. The polarized filter found in most digital screens and the polarized laminate in the lenses cancel each other out resulting in a significantly darkened and hard to read screen. This is what is known as “digital masking.”
Professional decisions can be compromised, and dangerous errors can occur when screen legibility is reduced or blocked by bright sunlight or polarized lenses. However, both problems can be completely resolved using XG Technology.

The Ultimate Solution for Light Sensitivity
Over 40 million Americans (and over 200 million people worldwide) live with some degree of extreme light sensitivity called photophobia. While the degree and severity vary from person to person, this condition negatively impacts their daily lives by diminishing their vision and limiting outdoor activities during daylight hours. Exposure to direct sun and bright lights can trigger painful migraine headaches and even cause severe seizures for many of these very light sensitive people. The only glasses capable of providing relief for photophobia suffers is the XG Technology available from Zurich International. No other glasses on the market can compare.

Protection, Compatibility and Comfort
The Original XG Fit-Over model has the world’s best glare reducing technology in the world today. They can be worn comfortably with or without prescription glasses. They are made to block out the brutal, dangerous U.V. rays, as well as wind, dust, and airborne debris that usually enter in from the top, sides, and bottom of sunglasses. Proper protection is needed to avoid serious eye problems, diseases, and conditions that lead to cancer in, or the delicate skin around the eyes. XG sunglasses are perfect to protect the eyes even while wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses.
Features and Benefits of Extreme Glare, Non-Polarized Sunglasses

  • Extreme Glare Sunglass lenses block sun glare far better than any technology in the world ¬– We are happy to compare to any brand or model!
  • Reduces eye fatigue and strain, and accompanying squinting, frowning, headaches, and facial, neck, and shoulder tension
  • Clearly see all digital screens better in all weather conditions with no digital masking
  • Effectively blocks glare reflected by water, snow, windows, metal, or shiny surfaces
  • Blocks 98% of ultraviolet A & B rays and 65% of infrared, blue and flat light
  • Helps to protect against the many sun-related eye diseases caused by excessive exposure to UV, like cataracts, pterygiums, macular degeneration, and certain sun caused cancers
  • Over 185° peripheral wraparound vision eliminates incoming side glare
  • Prevents premature aging, and wrinkling of the delicate skin around the eyes caused by sun exposure
  • Can be worn comfortably for extended periods with adjustable, bendable temples to fit most head shapes, and sizes
  • May be worn with or without prescription sunglasses and under most headsets without breaking the seal of the headset
  • Protects against projectiles, airborne dust, dirt, sand, burning embers and other unsuitable debris
  • Perfect for pilots to improve visibility of approaching aircraft, the ability to read weather and cloud formations, and properly view maps, charts, and instruments in dark cockpit without removing normal dark sunglasses
  • Enables fishermen to see fish, rocks, plants, deadheads, debris, and other hidden hazards obscured by the shiny, shimmering water
  • Skiers will enjoy better definition of snow, moguls, ruts, ridges, holes, and dips in the terrain

Suitable to most Sports, and outdoor activities
Pilots, drivers, skiers, snowboarders, windsurfers, boaters, cyclists, golfers, tennis players, and R/C enthusiasts will all notice XG technology’s industry leading power to eliminate blinding glare.

Package Includes 
Each Original XG Fitover package includes one Original XG Fitover sunglass and a product information trifold brochure.

Original XG Fitover
Color: Rainbow Teal Mirror on Medium Gray Lens
Size: One-Size
Lens Dimensions: Width 63/8in Height 21/2in
Temple Length: 51/4in, Weight: 13/4oz

Made in USA



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